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We love talking golf with people in the industry. From players to clubmakers and even some shrinks. You'll find plenty of interviews on our show from people who are as big of golf nerds as we are!

October 26, 2021

E128: Professional Golfer Harry Hall

We had the pleasure of play a round of golf with Mr. Hall out at the media day for the Korn Ferry event that was held at Paiute earlier this year. Right out the gate I was beyond impressed with how Harry carried himself. Afte...


October 22, 2021

E127: Sankaty Head Caddie and Future PGA Professional Pete Macadam

Season 3 Episode 51 In September, which all of you should know by now, I caddied for a good friend at the US Mid Am held on Nantucket Island in Massachusetts. While there, we met an incredible young man with some insane passi...


September 17, 2021

E121: Michael Bruscino and his journey into Golf. A VGN Winner, Bandon Dunes Trip and his role with Hipe Media

E121 Season 3 Episode 45 Michael Bruscino, who I've called Mikey since I've known him, has had quite to the introduction to the game of golf. Where he grew up, golf wasn't an option. It was a white, older man's game that had ...


August 27, 2021

E117: Darden Nicks, Director of Agronomy at Wildhorse GC

No 117 Season 3 Episode 41 We've committed to getting more Vegas-based content on the show, and it was our pleasure to host Darden Nicks for this Interview Series Episode. Darden is the Head Greenskeeper at one of the more hi...


July 23, 2021

E111: Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC) Mark Cheney

No. 111 Season 3 Episode 35 We were honored to have Mark Cheney, a Certified Mental Performace Consultant (CMPC), join us for this special interview series. Mr. Cheney is local to the Las Vegas valley and has worked with all ...


April 13, 2021

E95: Junior golf phenoms Yana Wilson and Ali Mulhall join us

We love us some junior golf. And when two local players from our beloved valley took home some major hardware at Augusta National last week, I just had to reach out and get them on the show. Yana Wilson and Ali Mulhall are tw...


March 12, 2021

E90: Stephen Noland returns to talk swing changes with Matt.

No. 90 Season 3 Episode 14 Back on the pod after a 13-month absence, Stephen Noland joined me for this episode to go over where I'm at in my current state of the swing changes we've implemented. It's been 15-months since we s...


February 12, 2021

E85: TRUE Linkswear President Jason Moore

No. 85: Season 3 Episode 9 We were thrilled to have Jason Moore on the show for this interview series. If you've been following the blog at all, you'll know that I'm (Matt) a massive fanboy of TRUE Linkswear. Jason joined J...


January 18, 2021

E80: Blair Philip from Breakthrough Golf Technology joins us for this episode.

No. 80: Season 3 Episode 4 It was our pleasure to have Blair Philip from Breakthrough Golf Technology join us for this episode in our Interview Series. It's always exciting when we have someone on the show that's changing the...


January 01, 2021

E79: Jake Hutt, PGA joins us for some golf talk for this interview series

No. 77: Season 3 Episode 1 Anytime we can get a certified IG-famous or Instafamous personality on the show, you know we're going to jump at the bit! What I didn't know was how absolutely entertaining Jake was going to be whil...


December 14, 2020

E73: Josh Bumgarner from CNC Creations

No. 73: Season 2 Episode 53 I've wanted to do this interview since the start of this podcast. So you can imagine how excited I was to finally get Josh on the phone and talk about his brand CNC Creations. Josh is an incredible...


December 07, 2020

E71: The guys behind the @beautifulgolfcourses Instagram Account

No. 71: Interview Series: Season 2 Episode 51What a fun interview this was.Andrew and Mike from the wildly popular Instagram account, @beautifulgolfcourses, joined Joe and me for some excellent golf talk in regards to their H...


October 05, 2020

E61: Jimmy Tropicana from Tropicana Golf & Barber Shop

No. 61: Interview Series: Season 2 Episode 41Vintage Golf Apparel with a Modern Flare That's the motto for Tropicana Golf. For this interview, Jimmy and his "Pro" Manolo joined me for some candid talk about their passion for ...


September 24, 2020

E59: Chris Mellow from Good Walk Coffee Co.

No. 59: Interview Series: Season 2 Episode 39If you're a coffee fan, who loves to golf, this episode is for you! It's only taken us a year! Chris Mellow, the man behind our Podcast Sponsorship joined us for some Coffee and Go...


September 14, 2020

E56: Ted Kritikos from Fury Golf

No. 56: Interview Series: Season 2 Episode 36What an absolute pleasure it was to interview Ted from Fury Golf. It's one of the aspects I love about this podcast. Not only do Joe and I get together every week and shoot the shi...