The Chasing Daylight Podcast
Aug. 27, 2021

117: Darden Nicks Director of Agronomy at Wildhorse GC

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Episode 117

We've committed to getting more Vegas-based content on the show, and it was our pleasure to host Darden Nicks for this Interview Series Episode. Darden is the Head Greenskeeper at one of the more historic courses in the Las Vegas Valley. 

Here is some information about Wildhorse Golf Course from their website: 

Quick Facts Construction of the original design began in 1958 and was one of the first golf courses built in Southern Nevada. The golf course was once owned by Howard Hughes, who purchased the property from the original developer, Hank Greenspun, in 1968. The golf course was a former PGA Tour stop, regularly hosting the "Sahara Invitational" in the early 1970s. First established as Paradise Valley, the golf course has also been named Showboat Country Club, Los Verdes, Indian Wells, and Royal Kenfield over the years. The course was re-named and branded the "Wildhorse Golf Club" in 1994. The layout was redesigned and updated in 2004 by golf course architects Lee Schmidt and Brian Curley. The facility is now municipally owned by the City of Henderson. Wildhorse Golf Club is officially recognized as an Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary by Audubon International - one of only three courses in the region to achieve this honor. 

We sat down with Darden and talked all about Agronomy in Las Vegas and what's going on with the conditions we see of late in the valley. For all you golf geeks out there, this is a good one, and we think you'll enjoy getting some of Darden's insights into the golf world. 

Be sure to give Darden and Wildhorse a follow on their social channels: 

INSTAGRAM: @darden73
INSTAGRAM: @wildhorsegolf 

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Darden R. NicksProfile Photo

Darden R. Nicks

Director of Agronomy

Class A GCSAA Superintendent
25 Year Member of GCSAA
SNGCSA Board Member
Board Member Desert Green
Comprehend the entire conceptual framework of the golfing business.
Accounting Degree Elon University 1996
Associates Degree in Agricultural Science North Carolina State 1997
Married for over 25 years to an Angel “Nancy”
Superintendent of the year Las Vegas 2020-2021