The Chasing Daylight Podcast
April 13, 2021

95: Junior Golf Phenoms Yana Wilson & Ali Mulhall

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Episode 95

We love us some junior golf. And when two local players from our beloved valley took home some major hardware at Augusta National last week, I just had to reach out and get them on the show.

Yana Wilson and Ali Mulhall are two WILDLY talented golfers who will be making a name for themselves on the professional tour in a few short years, joined Joe and me for a quick interview about their time at Augusta for the Drive Chip & Putt, what they thought about the place and they settled to rumors about the Pimento and Cheese sandwiches.

It was a pleasure hosting them for this little interview; we loved hearing their stories and how they have grown up with the game. Also, a big thanks to Jim Wilson, Yana's father, for helping us make this happen! 

We're certainly looking forward to seeing more from them. Hopefully, that can include a few MAJOR titles like the US AM, The US Open, and the Augusta National Women's Amateur.

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