The Chasing Daylight Podcast

This show is for the casual golf fan who occasionally likes to nerd out on the game's different topics.

Look for interviews from insiders within the industry, banter from their opinions on golf's current state. And discussions about headline topics like the Major tournaments and the hot new clubs hitting the shelves. Real talk, from real people who play the game.

Here are some of the segments we have and what they cover:

  • Rat Farts - We like to listen to ourselves talk, and when we review the shows, we catch the errors. In the Rat Farts segment, we make those corrections when we're dead wrong.

  • Pro Tour Talk - There is so much professional golf that takes place each week. In the Pro Tour Talk segment, we go over the winners from last week's tournaments and then preview the events taking place the week of the show.

  • Look at this Instagram - We are HUGE fans of Instagram. It's by far our favorite social media format. In the Look at this Instagram segment, we each chose an account we feel our listeners' would like to check out and give them some love. 

  • Show Beers - Not everyone loves beer, but we sure do! When we can all be in the same room to record, one of us brings some unique beers to enjoy while we record. In the Show Beers segment, we'll talk about what we are drinking and give our thoughts about it.

  • Viva Las Vegas - We're based in Vegas and love talking all things Vegas Golf. In the Viva Las Vegas segment, we discuss the odds for the upcoming PGA Tour event, we make out CDP LOCKS for the week, and if there is anything else going on in town we think is worthy, we'll mention it here.

  • Deep Thoughts - Scripted or organized content makes the show flow nicely, but sometimes we need to get some things off our chest. In the Deep Thoughts segment, we pull back the filters and have some discussions about things that, you know, can get deep. 

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About the Hosts

Jeremy MartinProfile Photo

Jeremy Martin

Co Host

A transplant to the valley from our friends to the North East, Utah, Jeremy is the latest addition to the Chasing Daylight team. A scratch golfer with some serious skills, we brought Jeremy to the team after a relentless process and thousands of interviews with potential applicants.

Joe KeithProfile Photo

Joe Keith

Co Host

I am born and raised in Las Vegas and love my city like no other, huge Golden Knights fan. When I was a young kid, I used to go golfing with my dad at Angel Park. Shortly after starting, I wanted clubs, and I didn’t get them, so I put down the sticks. Close to 23 years later, I have been back at it and couldn’t love the game of golf more.

Mathew WangrychtProfile Photo

Mathew Wangrycht

Co-Host / Producer

My name is Mathew Wangrycht (for those of you who are a little confused about my last name, it’s pronounced Wayne-Right). I started The Breakfast Ball website back in 2009 and thought after years of writing, why not start talking about golf as well. I'm hoping with my years in the industry as a writer/reviewer, golfer, traveler, and the occasional loop for some friends that I can bring some valuable insight to the show. Thanks for checking us out, and please subscribe if you like the show!