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Three amateur golfers from Vegas talk weekly about the game.

Recent Episodes

Bandon Dunes Wrap up Show!

June 29, 2022

Episode 169 Oh, you thought we were done with Bandon, hahaha, the jokes on you! That's right, even more, Bandon Dunes content this week. But we promise this is it for a while. There's a ton of golf going on worldwide, and we…

Live from the Lily Pond. Matt and Joe talk Bandon the night before the Solstice Event

June 24, 2022

E167 Twas the night before Solstice, and all through the house... Well, the Lily Pond condo, to be more exact. Matt and Joe discuss their first few days on the property in this special release as they prepare for the 2022 So…

Special Guest Episode; Rohrs live from the US Open

June 22, 2022

E166 With Joe and Matt out of town and the three of us (Jeremy included in this) not completing our Vegas Rankings Spreadsheets yet, we needed some content for this week. Thankfully our good friend Neal "Rohrs" Rhorbach was …

2022 US Open Preview Show with Guest Trey Sanders

June 15, 2022

E165 We're back bitches, and another Major is upon us! It's been a while since we've all been together to record a weekly episode. We had A LOT to catch up on, and that's what the first half of this episode is about. We cove…


June 10, 2022

Episode 165 What a wild day in the world of golf. Yesterday, June 9th, 2022, will arguably go down in history for the game, but what side of history will the LIV GOLF Tour end up on is the question! I threw up the CDP Bat Si…

Bandon Dunes Preview Part 2

June 8, 2022

Episode 164 Part 2 of our preview of the Bandon Solstice. We were hoping Scott Dunlop, who is a caddy out at Bandon, was going to join us, but he caught a late bag and made a second loop. So it was just Joe and I talking abo…

About the Hosts

Mathew Wangrycht Profile Photo

Mathew Wangrycht

Co-Host / Producer

My name is Mathew Wangrycht (for those of you who are a little confused about my last name, it’s pronounced Wayne-Right). I started The Breakfast Ball website back in 2009 and thought after years of writing, why not start talking about golf as well. I'm hoping with my years in the industry as a writer/reviewer, golfer, traveler, and the occasional loop for some friends that I can bring some valuable insight to the show. Thanks for checking us out, and please subscribe if you like the show!

Joe Keith Profile Photo

Joe Keith

Co Host

I am born and raised in Las Vegas and love my city like no other, huge Golden Knights fan. When I was a young kid, I used to go golfing with my dad at Angel Park. Shortly after starting, I wanted clubs, and I didn’t get them, so I put down the sticks. Close to 23 years later, I have been back at it and couldn’t love the game of golf more.

Jeremy Martin Profile Photo

Jeremy Martin

Co Host

A transplant to the valley from our friends to the North East, Utah, Jeremy is the latest addition to the Chasing Daylight team. A scratch golfer with some serious skills, we brought Jeremy to the team after a relentless process and thousands of interviews with potential applicants.