The Chasing Daylight Podcast
March 12, 2021

E90: Stephen Noland returns to talk swing changes with Matt.

No. 90 Season 3 Episode 14

Back on the pod after a 13-month absence, Stephen Noland joined me for this episode to go over where I'm at in my current state of the swing changes we've implemented. 

It's been 15-months since we started working together, and we both thought an update to what is taking place was needed. I want to keep it fresh in everyone's minds that Stephen and I are 2,500 apart and have never met in person. All the work we've been doing has been via Facetime or video analyzing.

After we covered what's going on with my swing, we thought it would be fun to do a quick 10 question Q&A. We also thought it would be quick. It turns out we can both be long-winded when it comes to golf. However, it turned into some excellent golf talk we both think you're going to enjoy.

I hope this helps everyone get a better understanding of the amazing mind that is Stephen Noland. This journey I'm on to better myself as a golfer has been a blast, and it's even better because I've gotten to know Stephen on a level I wasn't expecting. I'm honored to call him one of my close friends and look forward to the day we can tee it up together!

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