The Chasing Daylight Podcast
July 15, 2022

172: Chip Shots Founder Keith Langlands

Episode 172

Something is exciting coming to the Vegas Valley in 2023, and it's called Chip Shots.

When it opens up, Chip Shots will be an indoor private club featuring state-of-the-art hitting bays and simulators, along with some other amenities its members will thoroughly enjoy. A full-service bar with gaming, a cigar bar/lounge, a restaurant, conference rooms, and much more.

The brainchild behind Chip Shots is Keith Langlands. In this episode, Keith and his marketing director Lauren McDougall joined me to talk about how the idea has gone from concept to reality and what the experience will be like once the doors open.

With the golf blowing up ever since the pandemic, places like Chip Shots, I feel, are going to be popping up all over the country. Keith, and his flagship location, are doing their best to make a name for themselves in this exploding market, and I, for one, cannot wait to see it for myself come 2023!

Here are some links to get additional information about the soon-to-be Las Vegas location.

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Lauren McDougall

Marketing Director for Chip Shots

Lauren has been in the marketing world for over 10 years and specializes in getting new brands and businesses off the ground and successful through specialized marketing strategies. Outside of her career, Lauren enjoys hiking, photography, and hitting golf balls with her fiancé, William.

Keith LanglandsProfile Photo

Keith Langlands

Founder of Chip Shots

With Keith's strong background and extensive network from the Captive Insurance Industry, he envisioned a new business and networking concept centered around his passion for golf, Chip Shots. Coming to Las Vegas in early 2023, one of the main core values is to connect like-minded business individuals in a private club setting to meet, engage, and play golf on state of the art simulators.