The Chasing Daylight Podcast
June 2, 2021

103: Getting to know the CDP Guys - Golf Courses

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Episode 103

We had an absolute blast with the 100th episode. It's a lot of fun having the weekly show and I think all of us enjoy getting together once a week to talk golf. However, when we went "off script" and just talked about why we love the game of golf it was inspiring to us. 

Going forward whenever we have a scheduling conflict where we are not going to be able to get together for The Weekly Walk, we'll be doing these, "Getting to know the CDP Guys" episodes and letting all of you find out more about us and why we're such fanatics about the game. 

We highly encourage you to kick back, relax, and hear what we have to say about the topic of this episode, Golf Courses. And, we'd love to hear from all of you out there as well. Leave us a message on our voice line 702-518-1864 and let us know what you love and or hate about golf courses. 

Thanks for tuning in to this episode, The Weekly Walk will be back next week!

About The Chasing Daylight Podcast

The Chasing Daylight is the official podcast ofThe Breakfast Ball Golf Blog.

This show is for the casual golf fan who occasionally likes to nerd out on the game's different topics. Look for interviews from insiders within the industry, banter from their opinions on golf's current state. And discussions about headline topics like the Major tournaments and the hot new clubs hitting the shelves. Real talk, from real people who play the game.

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