The Chasing Daylight Podcast
May 12, 2021

E100: Getting to know the CDP Guys, with some "Deep Thoughts" about why we love golf so much.

No. 100 Season 3 Episode 24

We're taking a break from The Weekly Walk and bringing you a special episode for #100. Matt, Joe, and Jeremy sit down for this one and talk about golf, mainly why we love this damn game so much. 

Kick back and chill with us as you get to know a little more about the guys behind the Chasing Daylight and why we're so passionate and completely obsessed with the game!

Thanks to everyone who tunes in to us each week. We're having so much fun bringing you this show each week! I can't believe we've hit 100 episodes! That's so crazy!

We hope you enjoy this one, and we'll be back next week with a new episode of The Weekly Walk!

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