The Chasing Daylight Podcast
May 21, 2019

E1: Welcome to the show! The PGA Championship and Brooks Koepka

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No. 1: Season 1 Episode 1 

Brooks wins!  What a way to start a podcast. In the first-ever episode, Matt and Ryan sit down to discuss what the Chasing Daylight Podcast is going to be about. They also chat about the recent PGA Championship, the winner Brooks Koepka, and what the Strokes Gained approach can do for your game.  You can help us grow If you like the show you can subscribe on our iTunes page. Leave us a review too! Those reviews really help us get exposure which will certainly help us grow the show! If you like to contact us there are always our social media pages but you can also leave us a message or get the phone number to our voicemail.  

And, Thank You! This has been a vision of mine and Ryans for a while. It could be deemed fate that has brought us together but nevertheless, it has. We both love talking golf, even when the mics are not around and we hope we’ll be able to convey our passion to you all.  This is our first go at a podcast so be gentle! There will be, I’m sure, bumps along the way and challenges to overcome. More than likely on the technical side of things. I can promise you this though, we will get it!  Thanks for checking out the show and be sure to subscribe!!

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