The Chasing Daylight Podcast
Oct. 7, 2020

The Albatross Legend, Shriners Week is Here! RoboGolf, TPC Summerlin Talk, PGA Tour LOCKS

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Episode 62 - October 7th, 2020 -

What a fun episode this was! Rohrs from Strokes Gained Customs called in and told us all about his amazing day where he had not only one Albatros, but TWO! On the same hole! Then had a hole out for Eagle to follow! He ended up winning the event Kameron Kelly put on out at Sweetens Cove called Breakfast at Tiffany's We also announced the soon-to-be Breakfast Ball SIM Tour. Thanks to Robo Golf Pro, here in Las Vegas, we will be hosting a 5 week Tour of Simulator golf. Please send us a DM if you're interested in attending. More detail will follow as we hand all the semantics of the Tour. Look at this Instagram is very good this week with three solid selections from the crew! IT'S SHRINERS WEEK! Tons of TPC Summerlin Golf Chatter in this episode as we talked about the event, picked our winners and discussed the odds for this week's PGA event.  Next week we'll be chatting all about the Shiners event, our 8-Club match out at Wildhorse Golf Club, and previewing the CJ Cup from Shadow Creek! Thanks, everyone, and if you haven't yet, please give the Instagram page for the podcast a follow! 


Neal "Rohrs" Rohrbach

Owner Strokes Gained Golf

Owner of Strokes Gained Customs
Head Pro at Kinderlou Golf Club in Valdosta, GA
Albatros Legend