The Chasing Daylight Podcast
Dec. 9, 2020

Slow week on Tour, Women's US Open, Look at this Instagram, Viva Las Vegas, Deep Thoughts

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Episode 72 - December 9th, 2020 -

For this week's episode, the main focus is our VGN Match we had at Revere. We're not quite back to a fully structured show. The move to the Breakfast Ball Custom Shop was a little challenging, and I was more concerned with audio quality than content. But after editing this episode, I think we'll be good to go moving forward. At least until the second week of January.  

There’s no “official” PGA Tour event that involves FedEx Cup points, so no locks this week. Be sure to watch some of the Women’s US Open and all the Euro Tour finals. 

Look at this Instagram

A solid segment this episode with three accounts we’re sure you’ll love, especially if you’re a putter junkie. 

  • Matt: @flatstickfocusputting 
  • Joe: @milkygolf 
  • Jeremy: @seeme_golf 

Viva Las Vegas 

The Vegas spotlight was all about our VGN outing at Revere. 16 members of the Network showed for this Modified Stableford event, and we had an absolute blast. Robbie Knick was the winner for this outing, and he took home the coin. Next up for the VGN is an event at TPC Las Vegas next month.  

Deeps thoughts with the Chasing Daylight Podcast

Adam, from the VGN, phoned in with an issue in regards to his play of late. So we had him sit down on the couch for a little golf mental therapy!  

We’ll be back next week with a recap of Joe’s round at TPC Summerlin, our round out at Cascata for the winter classic warm-up, and there’s an excellent chance we’ll have another special guest in studio for EP 71 Until then, look for the next Chasing Daylight Interview to hit the airwaves next Monday featuring Josh from CNC Creations! 

About The Chasing Daylight Podcast 

The Chasing Daylight is the official podcast of The Breakfast Ball Golf Blog

This show is for the casual golf fan who occasionally likes to nerd out on the game's different topics. Look for interviews from insiders within the industry, banter from their opinions on golf's current state. And discussions about headline topics like the Major tournaments and the hot new clubs hitting the shelves. Real talk, from real people who play the game. 

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