The Chasing Daylight Podcast
March 3, 2021

88: Morikawa Wins again, another Korda victory, the Phil Flop, a QUADland, and Mook Senderson

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Episode 88

Thanks for checking out our most recent episode of The Weekly Walk. Here's what's happening in this week's show:

Rat Farts

There was just a few small ones this week. Joe did know that Hovland and the other attended OSU, not Oklahoma. Little slip of the tongue.

What happened this last week.

  • NEWS
    - Tiger accident, Rory put a blade back in play, Rose with the TSi3 driver in the bag,
    - The Hoveland Quad, The Cam Triple, Lydia Ko's new putter shaft, Annika make a return and makes the cut
    - Jeremy goes YELLOW and then goes Paul Bunyan on a Vokey
  • PGA Tour - Collin Morikawa wins the WGC Workday at The Concession or "The Concussion"
  • PGA Tour - Puerto Rico Open winner
  • LPGA - Nelly Korda wins in Florida
  • Champions Tour - No win for Phil snapping his streak
  • Our LOCKS Results
  • FedEx Cup and OWGR Updates
  • VGN Clash at the Ranch. -Will be covered in the Vegas segment

What's happening this week in golf.

  • PGA Tour- Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill Golf & Lodge
  • European Tour - Idle until 03/11
  • PGA Tour Champions - Idle until 04/16
  • LPGA Tour - Drive On Championship at Golden Ocala
  • The Korn Ferry Tour- Idle until 03/18
  • CDP Crew will be at the Korn Ferry Media day out at Paiute

Look at This Instagram

Our social media shoutout segment for our favorite golf IG accounts rolls on with this week's picks:


  • Week 4 Recap of the 5 Iron Golf League
  • VGN News and Notes- The Clash at the Ranch Recap
  • Odds for the Arnold Palmer Invitational
  • Deep Thoughts -More Deep Thoughts from the CDP Crew

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