The Chasing Daylight Podcast
April 7, 2021

94: Masters Preview, Trey in Studio, Rat Farts, PGA Tour News, & An Obsession Unlike Any Other

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Episode 94


Not that we went anywhere, but we're back to our regularly scheduled programing of The Weekly Walk. This week we had a special in-studio guest, Trey Sanders aka @trey29_golf, joined us for this Masters Preview episode.

Rat Farts

  • We didn't cover the other PGA Event Tour the Euro Tour event 
  • JUSTIN Harding won in Kenya, not Justine Harding

What happened this last week.

  • NEWS
    - Vegas Rankings Episode is out
    - Kyle Peeler Wins the VGN Farewell to the Links
    - Yana Wilson goes Back-2-Back at Augusta
    - Fowler's streak of 41 consecutive Majors comes to an end
  • Professional Golf Tour wrap up over the last several weeks, PGA, Euro Tour, LPGA, Korn Ferry
  • Congrats to Tsubasa Kajitanafor her win at Augusta 
  • Our LOCKS Results
  • FedEx Cup and OWGR Updates

What's happening this week in golf.

  • The Masters - That's all you need to know!

Look at This Instagram

Our social media shoutout segment for our favorite golf IG accounts rolls on with this week's picks:


  • VGN News and Notes
  • Odds for The Masters and our LOCKS
  • Deep Thoughts -More Deep Thoughts from the CDP Crew

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Trey SandersProfile Photo

Trey Sanders


Golfer by day, golfer by night. Life squeezed in there from time to time.