The Chasing Daylight Podcast
Dec. 16, 2020

Studio guest Aarik Greenley, QBD Shootout & the Women's US Open, Look at this Instagram, Tour Talk

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Episode 74 - December 16th, 2020 -

The in-studio guest barrage continues this week with an extraordinary guest. Former Tour Rep from Adams Golf, Aarik Greenley, joined us for some outstanding golf talk and insights. This is one you're going to want to bookmark and save; it's good! We also had our typical Weekly Walk segments. 

Tour talk was short and sweet. 

We wrapped up the QBD Shootout and also talked about the US Women's Open.  The PNC Event takes place this week, and ALL eyes will be on the team of Tiger Woods and his son Charlie. At least that's where all our eyes will be! 

Look at this Instagram 

This week we featured:   

There is no PGA Event, so no picks this week. 

Viva Las Vegas 

We played a lot of golf this past week. Joe took a walk around TPC Summerlin. The three of us played Cascata in some rather chilly, windy conditions. Joe and Jeremy played in the Sunday group out at Angel Park, and then Aarik and I played at Revere right before recording this. 

It was an absolute pleasure having Aarik over for the show. His insight and golf mind is a beautiful thing, and anytime I can play the role of a song and soak up some of that goodness, I jump at the opportunity.  You'll hear from his mellow candor he's a pretty "cool Cat" when it comes to golf. He has a sweet sexy AF smooth swing that absolutely sends the ball, and it's a blast anytime I get to spend with him out on the course. AND he helped me with a major alignment issue I was having, and I threw together a few good rounds while he was here! So thank you, Aarik, for coming and hanging with us! I can't wait to tee it up with you again! 

About The Chasing Daylight Podcast 

The Chasing Daylight is the official podcast of The Breakfast Ball Golf Blog. 

This show is for the casual golf fan who occasionally likes to nerd out on the game's different topics. Look for interviews from insiders within the industry, banter from their opinions on golf's current state. And discussions about headline topics like the Major tournaments and the hot new clubs hitting the shelves. Real talk, from real people who play the game. 

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Aarik Greenley

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