The Chasing Daylight Podcast
July 10, 2019

E8: The Open, Matthew Wolff and Stability Putter

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No 8. Season 1 Episode 8

 The Last Major It is almost here, the last Major of the season. With it, just around the corner we got in some first thoughts about the tournaments return to Ireland. Will Rory win a Major in Ireland? Will Koepka add another to his growing lists of Majors. Should you chastise anyone who calls it “The British Open” and what’s up with ESPN. Matthew Wolff is setting himself up to be a star We then got very long-winded on the new star on the PGA Tour, although he’s been making a name for himself for a few years now, Matthew Wolff. Last weeks winner has been a huge topic around the golfing world, and we chime in with our thoughts and question is the exemption to the “young guns” good for the sport. We interrupt this podcast Nothing can ruin the proper flow of a show like “technical difficulties.” We were getting to dive into the Stability Shaft when an unforeseen incident took place. After we “fixed” our issues we picked up the episode again and went on to talk for another 50 minutes. So instead of creating one, very long podcast, we have split this up into two parts. The Stability Shaft conversation picks up in part 2 along with some other topics you will not want to miss. Let’s say Ryan has a considerable soapbox and he’s not scared to get on top of it and voice his opinions. It’s excellent golf talk! Links for Episode 7 Part 1 The 2019 Open Championship Matthew Wolff on Instagram Breakthrough Golf Technologies Episode 7 Part 2 Look for Part 2 to hit the podcast tomorrow (7/11) and as always thank you for the support! We’ve had a blast so far and cannot wait to get more time behind the microphones. If this is your first visit to an episode page don’t forget to head to the main EPISODES page and check out our other shows! You can help us grow If you like the show you can subscribe on our iTunes page. Leave us a review too! Those reviews really help us get exposure which will certainly help us grow the show! If you like to contact us there is always our social media pages but you can also visit our CONTACT page and leave us a message or get the phone number to our voicemail.

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