The Chasing Daylight Podcast
March 11, 2020

E33: Vegas Golf Courses Rankings Part 2 - #37 thru #24

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No. 33: Special Series: Season 2 Episode 13 

First off I want to say we fixed the audio issues from the first episode. 

Hopefully, the poor sound hasn't detoured you from tuning in to part two of this series where we rank the Las Vegas Golf Courses. Originally this was going to be a 3 part series, but after going through the editing there was just so much good talk between Joe and me that I didn't want to take much of it out. 

This episode takes care of the rankings from #37 to #24. Here's the list: 

  • #37 Bai Hai (60.0) 
  • #36 Angel Park - Palm (61.5) 
  • #35 Angel Parl - Mountain (62.5) 
  • #34 Highland Falls (64.0) 
  • #33 Spanish Trails Country Club (64.0) 
  • #32 Rhodes Ranch (64.5) 
  • #31 Stallion Mountain (66.0) 
  • #30 Wildhorse (66.5) 
  • #29 Desert Pines (69.0) 
  • #28 Bears Best (71.0) 
  • #27 Legacy Golf Club (71.5) 
  • #26 Siena Golf Club (71.5) 
  • #25 Wolf Creek (71.5) 
  • #24 Las Vegas National (73.0) - continues in the next episode 

We'll pick it back up in the next episode where this one left off before we knock out the final Top 15 Courses in the final episodes of this series.  So what was meant to be 3 episodes has turned into 4. We think you'll enjoy how it all ends up. Be sure to visit the Podcast sponsor, Good Walk Coffee Company

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