The Chasing Daylight Podcast
March 5, 2020

E31: Vegas Golf Courses Rankings: Part 1 - #53 thru #38

No. 31: Special Series: Season 2 Episode 11About 6-8 months ago, I noticed a considerable uptick in visits to my Vegas Golf Ranking page on the website. Ever since then, it's been by far the most popular page on The Breakfast Ball. I update it enough that it stays valid, but it had me thinking about recording a show in regards to the same topic. I reached out to Joe from HittinGreens about recording the show with me, and he thought it was a great idea as well. We did this on a points system and then averaged our two rankings out for a final number. The points breakdown like this: GOLF COURSE:  Design - 15pts  Practice Facility - 15pts  Course Conditions - 15pts  Atmosphere - 10pts The total points possible on the GOLF COURSE section is: 55pts OTHER FACTORS:  Pro Shop - 15pts  Staff - 10pts  Price - 20pts Total points on the OTHER FACTORS section is: 45pts For a grand total of 100pts We wanted the main ranking to be based on the golf course, and that is why there is a higher value of points available. But, we also know other key factors that go into choosing where to play. Price, for instance, is a MAJOR element in deciding if you'll tee it up or not, and that is why it has the point value it does, but it doesn't exceed the golf course total value. Here is a list of the courses we talk about in this episode with the ranking number:  #53 Las Vegas Golf Center (29.5)  #52 Painted Desert (33.5)  #51 Durango Hills (41.0)  #50 Sunrise Vista (47.0)  #49 North Las Vegas Par 3 (48.0)  #48 Aliante Golf Club (48.0)  #47 Boulder City Muni (49.0)  #46 Palm Valley (53.5)  #45 Los Prados (54.0)  #44 Las Vegas Golf Club (56.5)  #43 Arroyo Golf Club (56.5)  #42 Desert Willow (57.0)  #41 Eagle Crest (58.0)  #40 The Club at Sunrise (58.5)  #39 Canyon Gate Country Club (59.0)  #38 Angel Park - Cloud 9 (59.5) We hope you enjoy this episode and be sure to leave us on comment on the @hittingreens Instagram page or also on @thebreakfastball page. Thanks for listening--- Send in a voice message: this podcast: