The Chasing Daylight Podcast
May 14, 2020

Golf Talk with David Rhoden & Ava Lourenco

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Episode 41 - May 14th, 2020 -

It's been a while since we've had a good round table golf sit down. I love talking golf just as much as the next guy or gal! So when Doc (David Rhoden) offered to come and hang out at the casa and chat some golf, I jumped at the opportunity. Even better was the fact he had his amazing girlfriend, Ava. Ava is an aspiring golfer that has some serious talent. She's getting back to competition golf, and with the recent news that Doc is leaving Las Vegas and Club Champion, and is heading back to the Phoenix valley with Ava, her support team just got a massive boost. 

Ladies, if you like having your side of the golf game talked about, this one is for you. Ava has some incredible insight into the women's game, and it was an absolute blast having her on the show. Doc as well, haha! Thanks for tuning in, and I hope you enjoy this episode, it was a lot of fun, and I think Ava will have to be a regular guest! David Rohden aka "Doc": @dr.rhoden Ava Lourenco: @ava_lourenco

 Thanks again for all the support from these two! Doc will be missed tremendously, and he's a massive part of why I decided to get into club building. His knowledge is remarkable, and I'm honored to be his friend. It looks like some Phoenix trips are certainly in my future!