The Chasing Daylight Podcast
May 18, 2022

161: Our 2022 PGA Championship Preview Show that doesn't involve the PGA Championship.

E161: Sometimes, you have to gather the crew and just ramble on about golf.

This week's episode was supposed to be our 2022 PGA Championship Preview Show, and while we did cover a little bit of it, we got somewhat sidetracked.

It turns out that when you get myself, Joe, Jeremy, Trey, and Bob together, we can take a Major Preview episode and turn it into something much more entertaining. We didn't get to the Joe Rogan 3hr mark, but we tried, and honestly, if we hadn't run out of beer, we might still be talking!

If you like golf talk, then this one might be for you. We tackled a handful of subjects, most notable the 10,000,000 new golfers that have come to the game. WARNING, if you're the sensitive type, you may want to wait for next week's show!

We hope you enjoy this ELONGATED episode of the Chasing Daylight Podcast!

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