The Chasing Daylight Podcast
July 29, 2019

E12: Travis Miller, otherwise know as PGAMemes

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No. 12: Season 1 Episode 12 The hilarious PGA Memes We did it! Our first milestone for the Chasing Daylight Podcast, our tenth episode. What a better way to toast this occasion than having one of the hottest Instagram Golf Accounts join us for an interview. Travis, the man behind the madness at @pgamemes, hopped on the phone and gave us a little insight into what started the wildly popular account and what’s it’s like running the page. PGA Memes is an account worth following If you’re not following PGA Memes, do yourself a favor and go follow. Ryan and I both agree the content is hilarious. Most of the time the jabs they put on the Tour guys are exactly what we all are thinking. Travis has a unique sense of humor. He has brilliantly been able to use it grow the account to almost 400,000 followers. That’s just insane to us. It has been incredible to watch the growth on the account and to see the interactions from his following. You want to talk about building a community. However, pgamemes isn’t the only account for Travis We’ve all seen the videos, and some of us, mainly Ryan, have been “pranked” by SirHissalot. The wildly entertaining account @hissalot is another brainchild of Travis. It started back in 2014 and has grown to be an account where he doesn’t even need to create content anymore. Fans of the page are consistently sending in videos. Travis let us know he’s planning a revamping of the account and has some plans for 2020 to make it even better than it is now. We can’t wait to see that.   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by ♛ Sir Hissalot ♛ (@hissalot) on Aug 19, 2018 at 10:15am PDT Ryan’s Easter Eggs It just wouldn’t be an episode if Ryan didn’t have something to give away. Since pgamemes is partnering with ShortPar4 and has some shirts for sale on their site, we thought it would be fun to give away a ShortPar4 hat. Here’s all you need to do….. Listen to the episode and find out! There’s a hint in this post and a link that will assist, but you have to listen to figure out what to do! Links for this episode: PGA Memes on Instagram: @pgamemes hissalot on Instagram: @hissalot ShortPar4 pgamemes store Cowboys Golf Club Trinity Forest Golf Club Thank you PGA Memes We were hoping for something special for out 10th episode and Travis was an awesome guest! We like to say thank you again for taking the time out of his busy schedule and joining us to talk golf and what he’s doing with the accounts he runs! You can help us grow If you like the show you can subscribe on our iTunes page. Leave us a review too! Those reviews really help us get exposure which will certainly help us grow the show! If you like to contact us there is always our social media pages but you can also visit our CONTACT page and leave us a message or get the phone number to our voicemail. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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Travis Miller

Creator PGA Memes

Creator of PGA Memes, SirHissAlot, HackPatrol and the Shanks Happen Pod