The Chasing Daylight Podcast
July 17, 2019

E10: Logan Olson and Corey Paul

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No. 10: Season 1 Episode 10 Episode 8 We are so excited to bring this interview to all of you. Both of us are fans of the work Corey Paul and Logan Olson have been doing. We’re not just fanboys though; we’re owners as well. Ryan has several pieces from Corey’s Wedge and Iron collections, and he also has an Olson Manufacturing putter. And, Matt has two putters from Olson Manufacturing, most notably the VEGAS58 Putter Logan crafted earlier this year. Getting to know these two incredible craftsmen We’re familiar with the backstory of how both brands came to be, but it was fun to listen to them talk about their passion. Corey and Logan have very different ways in how they came to be in this industry, and it was awesome to hear them tell their stories. Make sure you listen to what they are saying. They nailed so many analogies throughout the episode; it was hard to keep track! CPFA and Olson Manufacturing Collaborations Sunday, the dynamic duo, will release another collaboration on the Corey Paul Functional Art website. From the photos we’ve seen on their Instagram accounts, it looks like it’s going to be another fantastic release and we’re pumped to see it hit the site. Ryan’s Easter Eggs Of course, Mr. Giveaway was at it again. Stay tuned to the end to hear what you need to do to grab yourself some free swag. Links for this episode Olson Manufacturing – Website Olson Manufacturing – Instagram Olson Review on The Breakfast Ball Corey Paul Functional Art – Website Corey Paul Functional Art – Instagram CPFA Review on The Breakfast Ball We were honored to have Corey and Logan joined us for this episode. If you liked what you heard, please leave a comment below or leave a message for them on our voice line 702-518-1864. Everyone enjoy The Open Championship. We were going to knock out an episode covering it, but so many people have done that, instead we’ll just be picking our winners on our Instagram accounts. Check there for our picks! Mathew – @thebreakfastballgolfblog Ryan – @ryan.golfs You can help us grow! If you like the show you can subscribe on our iTunes page. Leave us a review too! Those reviews really help us get exposure which will certainly help us grow the show! If you like to contact us there is always our social media pages but you can also visit our CONTACT page and leave us a message or get the phone number to our voicemail. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast: