The Chasing Daylight Podcast
March 16, 2020

E34: Lindsay Burkhart from UST Mamiya

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No. 34: Interview Series: Season 2 Episode 14I've been with the Ambassador program with UST Mamiya for over a year now, and like I say in this interview, MAN, I'm impressed with the results I'm seeing. Lindsay, who is the Social Media Marketing Manager for UST, was kind enough to hop on the phone and talk a little bit about her history and how she came to work for UST Mamiya. Then we got into a whole lot of talk about golf shafts! New products such as LIN•Q Purple and Gunmetal. We talked about their flagship product line the RECOIL Shafts and we got an update on the Frequency Putter shafts. As a Golf Nerd, I enjoyed this interview very much. I am starting to become more enveloped in the tech side of the game and having a guest like Lindsay on who's not only very passionate about the game and her career but she probably the first certified female golf nerd we've had on the show! She knows her stuff, and it was a blast to learn more about UST and her background. We hope you enjoy this episode and be sure to give UST a follow on their Instagram Account --- Send in a voice message: this podcast: