The Chasing Daylight Podcast
June 28, 2019

E7: Joel Leopard from Atomic Golf

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No. 7: Season 1 Episode 7 Joel Leopard from Atomic Golf joins us for this episode. If you haven’t experienced any of the work Joel is producing at Atomic Golf, you are in for a treat! Joel took some time out from his busy schedule and chatted with Matt (and briefly Laura) about his company. He has an outstanding story about how Atomic Golf came to be, his career in the Nuclear Energy field, and of course, we talked about his Ball Markers. With an upcoming MAJOR #4 release a few weeks away Joel gives us a little insider info about what you can expect to see with the new marker. Hint, it’s going to be clover related. Then, Joel drops a bomb for us and let us know he’s working on a Putter Release for later this year! That’s right, a putter! It was an absolute pleasure having Joel on the show. He’s one of those guys who could talk golf for hours, and we LOVE that! He has some outstanding products in the works, and we cannot wait to see what he has in store for the MAJOR #4 release and his future endeavor with creating putters. Links for this Episode: Atomic Golf Website True Tech Tyson Lamb Shire Post Mint BlitzKrieg Golf Maria Fassi UST Mamiya Ben Hogan Golf Thank you, Joel, for coming on the show! The interview process for the podcast is one aspect I’m incredibly excited about continuing. Getting to know more about people via casual golf conversation is so entertaining. As much as I love scrolling the Atomic Golf Instagram page you don’t get the back story we were able to showcase in this episode!  I want to thank Joel for coming on and chatting golf. And I can’t wait for the time we have him back on to talk more about his company and how things are going. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
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Joel Leopard

Creator / Owner Atomic Golf

I make ball markers and stuff