The Chasing Daylight Podcast
Feb. 12, 2021

Jason Moore from TRUE Linkswear

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Episode 85

We were thrilled to have Jason Moore on the show for this interview series. 

If you've been following the blog at all, you'll know that I'm (Matt) a massive fanboy of TRUE Linkswear.   Jason joined Joe and me to talk about the history of TRUE and how the brand has evolved over the last 12 years.  We covered topics like the Sensi's return (just kidding, sorry), the new KNITS II, and LUX. How their brand identity has changed since moving to the Pacific North West. And, also talked about their latest adventure, the TRUE Performance No-Show Socks.  If you're familiar with the brand, we think you'll enjoy this episode. And, if this is your first encounter with TRUE Linkswear, we think they'll be a brand you'll certainly want to familiarize yourself with going forward.  

Make sure to give TRUE a follow on their socials:

  • Instagram: @truelinkswear   
  • Facebook: @truelinkswear  
  • Twitter: @TRUElinkswear
Jason C. MooreProfile Photo

Jason C. Moore

President & Partner TRUE Linkswear

Growing up on his family's driving range - the golf industry runs in Jason's blood, starting his first golf ball re-sale business at age 6. Fast forward to his early 20's where Jason had the privilege of spending a few years caddying for his brother, Ryan Moore, on the PGA Tour. While traveling the world together, the brother's became aware of a significant need in golf - a comfortable & versatile golf shoe. Together the brothers and their co-founders set out to reinvent the golf shoe - alas TRUE linkswear was born. Today, Jason leads TRUE linkswear's pursuit to become the leading premium golf lifestyle footwear brand as President & Partner, brining innovation, style and comfort to customers worldwide. Jason dabbles in all aspects of the business but focus' his time in product design and brand development. Based out of Tacoma, WA - Jason is a family man that spends his time on the links, traveling the world to experience new things, and is a foodie at heart.