The Chasing Daylight Podcast
Jan. 1, 2021

CDP Interview: Jake Hutt, PGA and DryveBox Partner

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Episode 77

Anytime we can get a certified IG-famous or Instafamous personality on the show, you know we're going to jump at the bit! What I didn't know was how absolutely entertaining Jake was going to be while on the air.  

If you're not following Jake (@jakehuttgolf), you are truly doing yourself a disservice. Since Joe featured Jake on Look at this Instagram a few weeks back, I've been totally enamored with his quick and witty way of getting some extremely valuable information out to the masses. His videos are quick, on topic, to the point, but most of all, THEY WILL HELP YOU PLAY BETTER GOLF. And, who doesn't want that?  

Beyond his Instagram world, though, we found some fantastic details about Jake and his life with the game.  Much like others, we have interviewed recently, Jake is doing some good with his instacelebrity status and is helping raise money for kids in Uganda to help them play golf.  

Click HERE to be taken to the Clubs for Kids Fundraiser and help Jake reach his goal!  

We also learned about DryveBox, which is a unique way that Jake and his partners will be bringing golf to the people, not people to golf. Yeah, that's a headscratcher, but listen in, and you'll understand!  Then as we were chatting, Jake broke down how the stats from GameForge can help you play better golf. And then he completely blew my mind when he talked about putting and a metronome: such good stuff and an awesome episode.  

We want to thank Jake for coming to the show. It was a blast getting to know him more and learning about all the things he's up to and what's going down in 2021!  Be sure to give him a follow and stay on the lookout for DryveBox in a city near you!  

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