The Chasing Daylight Podcast
Sept. 14, 2020

CDP Interview: Ted Kritikos from Fury Golf

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Episode 56 

What an absolute pleasure it was to interview Ted from Fury Golf. It's one of the aspects I love about this podcast. Not only do Joe and I get together every week and shoot the shit about golf, but we also get to conduct interviews with some fascinating and incredible people. 

Fury Golf is a Rock N Roll-inspired golf apparel brand. What exactly is that? Well, you're just going to have to listen. But, if you're a fan of great rock n roll music and have a passion for golf, I think Fury Golf is a brand you're going to enjoy. 

Based in Long Island, NY, Fury Golf is quickly making a name for itself in the space. They have an excellent following on their social channels, and I think the content they are releasing is solid! It's not your typical "Hey, check out this shirt!" The same goes for their website. It's more than just a place to shop for some cool swag. 

The published articles on the blog are excellent and will resonate with golf fans as well as music fans. So after listening in on this episode, head on over the and check them out!

Ted KritikosProfile Photo

Ted Kritikos

Founder Fury Golf

Ted Kritikos is the founder of Fury Golf. As an avid golfer and fan of rock & roll music, Ted grew frustrated trying to find golf apparel that fit his rock-inspired taste. Fury Golf was born out of this experience.

Fury Golf apparel embodies the attitude of rock and roll and its artists. The brand’s performance golf apparel and streetwear are a modern take on rock’s gritty and defiant style that can be appreciated by golfers and music lovers, alike.