The Chasing Daylight Podcast
Jan. 20, 2020

E25: Tim Markison from Athalonz Shoes

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No. 25: Interview Series: Season 2 Episode 5  What a fun episode this was to record. I was joined by the CEO and Founder, Tim Markison, along with his Director of Operations, Jerimiah Johnston, to talk shoes. More importantly, their shoe brand, Athalonz.  Athalonz has made a name for themselves in the sport of Long Driving, and they are looking to take the popularity and success of the WLD Tour and bring their tech to more golfers.  Tim and Jerimiah took some time out of the schedule, to which we are grateful, to talk about;  How the company came to be  How the long drivers found out about their shoes, and  What the future looks like for Athalonz.  It might help that they just inked Champions Tour superstar and overall golf legend Bernhard Langer to a contract!  Be sure to check out Athalonz Shoes Please visit the Athalonz WEBSITE to read more about their shoes and be on the lookout for our review coming soon on The Breakfast Ball. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast: