The Chasing Daylight Podcast
Nov. 18, 2019

E18: David & Julien From Club Champion Las Vegas

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No. 18: Season 1 Episode 18

The Tiny Roundish Table We welcome to the podcast and the tiny rectangular table, David Rhoden and Julien Munoz from Club Champion Las Vegas. These two gentlemen work alongside each other for eight hours a day and have a fantastic friendship. You would think after spending that much time together and being so involved in the game of golf, sitting down to chat golf after-hours would be a deal-breaker. Lucky for us, they are just as passionate outside te fitting bays as they are inside them. Before we knew it, almost three hours of banter and hijinks had gone by in what seemed like minutes. We absolutely loved having David and Julien sit down with us. Their insight into the industry and the fitting world is so valuable and we plan on having them on again, as you’ll be able to tell, it was too much fun. They both have a great story on how they got into the industry and where they want to go from here. And, they are both solid, and I mean SOLID sticks! If you’re thinking it’s time to get fit to improve your game then you should certainly reach out to either David or Julien through the links below and get it set up. It is such a valuable asset to improve your score. And there isn’t two guys I could personally recommend more than them. Links for this Episode David Rhoden on Instagram: @dr.rhoden and his new account, @rhodenbuilt Julien Munoz on Instagram: @julienjujumunoz Club Champion on Instagram: @clubchampion Club Champion Las Vegas You can help us grow! If you like the show, you can subscribe to our iTunes page. Leave us a review too! Those reviews help us get exposure, which will undoubtedly help us grow the show! If you’d like to contact us, hit up our social media pages or, you can also visit our CONTACT page and leave us a message or even obtain the phone number to our voicemail.

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