The Chasing Daylight Podcast
Oct. 12, 2022

186: Dan and Bob Live to talk Georgia. A Lot of Sweetens banter and we chatted The Shriners.

Episode 186

If by chance, you were not pleased with Joe and Matt's recap of the Georgia trip, we brought back Dan and Bob to get their insights into the golf, the courses, the people, the food, and much more.

Joe is in love with Sweetens Cove, so much he obtained 200 passes for January, ok, not 200 but 20. He's pumped to get back there, while Matt was not as impressed as Joe was. Dan and Bob, well, you'll have to listen.

 We wrapped up the show talking about The Shriners Open and the battle down the stretch with Cantlay and Tom Kim. Matt also explained how a few tips from Bob out on the course Monday morning helped him get dialed in off the tee and with the wedges.

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