The Chasing Daylight Podcast
June 10, 2022


Episode 165

What a wild day in the world of golf. Yesterday, June 9th, 2022, will arguably go down in history for the game, but what side of history will the LIV GOLF Tour end up on is the question! 

I threw up the CDP Bat Signal and gathered the crew for an Emergency Broadcast to talk about what the hell happened today and what the hell is going to happen in the coming days!

Joe, Jeremy, Myself, Bob, and Trey all chimed in on LIV Golf and shared our opinions on what we feel will take place in our beloved game!

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Trey Sanders


Golfer by day, golfer by night. Life squeezed in there from time to time.

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Bob West


The Vegas Golfing Real Estate Agent. I help golfers win when buying and selling homes in Las Vegas.