The Chasing Daylight Podcast
Jan. 14, 2020

E21: Bryan LaRoache, from @BryanGolf

No 21: Season 2 Episode 1:

We were graced with the presence of the wildly entertaining BryanGolf aka Bryan LaRoche. Bryan was in town to preview Reflection Bay for the upcoming Steez & Teez event; Battle at the Bay. Bryan was kind enough to come over to the BBGB Casa and hang out with Me, Ryan, the CC Boyz; Julien, and David, and we were also joined by Joe from the Instagram account HittinGreens who made his podcast debut. As expected this sit down went WAY longer than expected and we recorded for nearly two and a half hours. I've broken it up into several episodes so where this one falls off the next one will pick right back up. We hope you enjoy it.

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