The Chasing Daylight Podcast
May 10, 2023

218: Stat Guy is back, Some VGN Preview and a lot of Vegas Golf played this last week

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Welcome back, STAT GUY, to the show! Jeremy returned from his hiatus, and we talked about all the golf we've played over the past week here in town and Utah.

Revere is in great shape, and Aliante was as to be expected. Joe tee'd it up in the one-day Member Guest at TPC Summerlin and had a tough time adapting to the new greens.

The next Vegas Golf Network tournament occurs this weekend in Mesquite at Conestoga Golf Club. Mr. Gontarek gave us a little preview of the weather we can expect.

Joe covered the odds for the Byron Nelson this week in Texas at TPC Craig Ranch, and we wrapped up the show with some tinker talk from the Mayor.

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