The Chasing Daylight Podcast
April 19, 2023

215: VGN Major Recap, Slow Play Issues, FedEx Cup Fall 2023 and Jeremy digging in on Matt's Tinkering

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We held our first Vegas Golf Network MAJOR of the season this past weekend, and once again,Paiute Golf Resort shined like the star it is. And since all three of us tee'd it up in the tournament, we had a little recap about the event.

The PGA Tour announced the "NEW" FedEx Cup Fall; we don't know what to call it. Series, Events, whatever. But it's good news and brings some changes to the Fall events that should make it interesting, to say the least, but it's doubtful any of the top players in the world ever tee it up again in a fall event again,  but time will tell.

Another DESIGNATED PGA Tour Eventtook place, and this one was immediately after a MAJOR! Jon Rahm proved he is the real deal, not only playing in the event but hopping in the booth and analyzing the final groups as they finished up.

We talked about the Cantlay slow play, Spieth almost going back to back, Fitzy and the INSANE 9I from 175 to win in the playoff, and the heat Rory is getting for pulling out of the tournament and not even saying why.

We covered the odds for the PGA Tour team event, and then Jeremy decided to confront Matt on his tinkering as yet another new putter is coming to the bag for the Mayor of Tinkertown.


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