The Chasing Daylight Podcast
March 22, 2023

211: Huge USGA News, Matt's NYC Trip, PGA & LIV Events

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Episode 211

Matt is back from his trip to NYC and has much to share. There wasn't any golf-related content here other than a quick stop at Chelsea Piers Golf Range, but it was fun talking about New York for a bit, especially Angelo's Coal Oven Pizzeria. If you're not familiar with the brand Canada Goose, you will be after this segment.

Eventually, we got to some golf and dove head-first into the news regarding the USGA and their plans to roll the ball back. There's some heated talk about this, and many talking heads are letting their opinions known. We did the same, and it was a solid conversation.

Matt is back to tinkering. He reviewed some of the changes to his bag and shared some news about the new wedges he'll be gaming from Corey Paul.

We discussed The Valspar, Jordan Spieth's stupid tee shot on 16, and how Matt has slowly crept into second place in the season-long points race for our Locks. From there, the PGA Tour talk snowballed into some LIV Golf trash talking, which is new for us. Lol.

The odds for the Dell Match Play and Puntacana never really happened, but we did make out picks for both events and shared the odds for those players!

Matt Gontarek gave us our Golf Forecast for this weekend's VGN tournament at Mountain Fall GC in Pahrump, and we covered a little bit about the event.


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