The Chasing Daylight Podcast
Feb. 15, 2023

206: Wasted Recap, Netflix, Super Bowl, Tiger is back again, VGN and Coyote Springs

Episode 206

My goodness, a LOT is going on in the golfing world.

The WMPO wrapped up on Sunday with the new number-one player in the world, Mr. Scottie Scheffler getting the W. For the first Dedicated/Elevated event, it was pretty good. The Waste(d) crowd always adds a little spice to the event, so this upcoming weekend's tourney at Riviera will, we think, be more telling of how these new tourneys will do going forward.

Tiger Woods isn't going to hurt the ratings for the Genesis, that's for sure. During last week's tourney, he announced he would be teeing it up in LA. This will be his first Tour event since The Open. 

The highly anticipated Netflix show Full Swing hits the streaming service today! It looks like we are all going to binge as much as possible, and we'll decide how to present the overview of the episodes in the coming weeks.

The "Big Game" also took place on Sunday, and we had some things to say about that.

Matt Gontarek gave us the weekend golf forecast with a special shoutout to the VGN's first event, which takes place Saturday at Rhodes Ranch.

We covered the "Who knows where these numbers came from cause the William Hill app is STILL DOWN" odds for The Genesis, made our picks, and then wrapped up the show with some disturbing talks about the "Emergency Sandwich."


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