The Chasing Daylight Podcast
Jan. 25, 2023

201: Listener Questions, Jon Rahm is on a heater, Joe's trip to North Carolina and our picks for The Farmers

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Episode 201

My goodness, is Jon Rahm on a heater right now! The guy notched his third win in as many starts and is headed to a place he knows VERY well in Torrey Pines for the Farmers.

We had a LIV Golf sighting! LIV Golf is back in the news with their announcement that they'll broadcast the tournaments on The CW.

Matt talked about how the new New Level irons worked for him this past weekend out at Revere. Jeremy has a new fairway wood coming in. Then we got into Joe's trip to North Carolina, where there were a few surprises.

We wrapped up the show with the odds and our picks for this weekend's PGA Tournament at Torry Pines. 

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