The Chasing Daylight Podcast
Jan. 18, 2023

200: A fix for the TOC, New Level Golf News, Joe's headed to NC and a Vegas Golf Rant

Episode 200

Wow, it is hard to believe we have uploaded 200 of these now! Thank you to anyone who has listened and encouraged us to keep at it! We may not be the biggest or most popular golf podcast out there, but we love what we're doing and have no plans to abandon this journey! Again, thanks for all the support!

We hope you enjoy this episode, and check out our YouTube channel, where we'll post the podcast video each week!

Matt brought up what he thinks could be a "fix" for the Sentry Tournament of Champions. It was an interesting take, and the other guys liked it.

Matt also has some new irons in the bag. He dropped Srixon like a stanky fish and switched to New Level Golf. The first significant change to his bag this year is his effort to say no to big-brand golf and show some support to the smaller, unique brands out there!

The guys also recapped the ODIN Golf interview and dove into more details about the golf license required to play golf in Germany! That's not a typo. You must take a DMV-style test and pass to play public golf in Germany! Unless you're a member at Pebble Beach! Haha

Joe is headed to North Carolina with Dan, Trey, and Julien. They have a great lineup, including; Tobacco Road, Southern Pines, Mid Pines, The Cradle, and maybe a few others. We'll be recapping that on next week's show.

Matt Gontarek, aka "The Weatherman," makes his Chasing Daylight premier this week. Matt is a local meteorologist at FOX 5 here in Vegas, and he'll be chiming in each week, giving us a preview of the weekend weather from a golfer's perspective!

We wrapped up this weeks show with a Vegas Golf Rant about golf courses in the Valley lately and the pricing that's taking place from a not-so-high-end course.

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