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Jan. 13, 2023

199: Jordan Lunette from ODIN Golf

Episode 199

For our first interview of 2023, we sat down (virtually) with Jordan Lunette, one of the co-founders of ODIN Golf.

I'm sure most of you avid golfers out there are going, "oh yea, another golf ball," but I encourage you to listen to this episode and see what ODIN is doing that no other golf ball brand is. It's pretty sweet!

And take it from me (Matt); it's a damn good golf ball!

The VGN (Vegas Golf Network) has partnered up with ODIN, and our league members are happy with their involvement.

We want to thank Jordan for hopping on with us, all the way from Berlin, Germany, to help share their story and get you more informed about the golf ball and the brand.

Make sure to visit the ODIN Golf website via the link above and grab a dozen. I think you'll be surprised as well!

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Jordan Lunetta


Co-founder of ODIN Golf