The Chasing Daylight Podcast
Jan. 11, 2023

198: Hawaii Swing on the PGA, Matt is fed up with a big brand, our picks for The Sony

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Episode 198

We're almost there! Episode number 200 will drop next week!

This week we had some good debates. First up was Kapalua and should the All-Star event for the PGA Tour be such a scoring fest? Does a resort course that the players can destroy justify earning a spot in the event? Or, should the players be more challenged in this limited-field event to start the New Year? Remember, in 2024, this will be the first event of the season!

We chatted a little about Chimera Golf Club and the skins game we all played over the weekend, and then Matt felt the need to hop up on his soapbox and chat about Big Brands and how he's taking his talents away from Srixon and moving to New Level Golf.

We wrapped up the show with the odd for The Sony Open and gave our locks for the week. Then Matt showed (for all you YouTube watchers) some of the VGN swag that will be available in the raffle for the VGN Welcome party later this month.

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