The Chasing Daylight Podcast
Dec. 7, 2022

194: Cal from Birdies & Bourbon joins us to talk Bandon!

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Wow, this was a fun episode. If you have ever listened to the Birdies & Bourbon Podcast, then you know how entertaining Cal is. It was a blast having him on this week's episode, and we're pretty confident you will like this one.


We had Cal on to talk about his trip to Bandon Duneslast week. It was his first time being on the property, and Joe and Matt have become huge fans of hearing about the experiences of first-time players.

Cal didn't hold back! And, with his stories, he has convinced Jeremy 100% to agree to go on our 2024 trip that is in the works!

Thanks for tuning in; we hope you make it to the end, it's a long one but so good, and we can almost guarantee you'll be adding his show to your listening library!

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