The Chasing Daylight Podcast
Nov. 30, 2022

193: Where's the Golf Episode, Jeremy has the COVID.

Episode 193

Well, there isn't exactly a LOT to talk about this week. The holiday season is upon us, and not many people have "listening to a golf podcast" on their to-do lists.

We were looking forward to talking about Tiger Woods playing at the HERO World Challenge, but after his WD Monday morning, eh, the buzz just disappeared. 

But we did chat about some local golf out at Pauite, Boulder Creek, and Wildhorse. 

Joe might get out to Mesquite this weekend and knock Falcon Ridge off his need-to-play list. While Matt and Jeremy are hoping for a Saturday round, pending some astronomical golf rates.

We eventually got to the odds for the HERO and made our picks for our year-long points race. And then wrapped up the show with some binge-worthy TV since Jeremy has been on lockdown with COVID,

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