The Chasing Daylight Podcast
Nov. 2, 2022

189: Birdies & Bourbon, Jeremy Finally Wins, The Hoppers are Killing Paiute and Joe's Headed to NC

Episode 189

Right out the gate, if you're not listening to Birdies and Bourbon, you're missing out! Joe was a guest on their podcast this week (episode goes out 11/3), and we're big fans of what they are up to!

Congrats to the Big Man Seamus Power on his win in Bermuda! Jeremy is also very thankful because he picked Seamus, which ended his winless streak dating back to the 2020-2021 season.

Our favorite courses in Vegas are getting destroyed by grasshoppers. Matt was out at Paiute on Friday, and the hopper was pretty bad, but the Sun course looked untouched by the beasts. Jeremy, however, played the Snow course on Tuesday, and from the pictures he shared, the course is getting annihilated.   

We tried to pick the most underrated holes in Vegas, which sent us down a rabbit hole. So now we're going to figure out the most underrated holes in Vegas and the best starting hole in town as well. Off the top of our heads didn't work!

We talked a little about Bandon Dunes since the Birdies and Bourbon guys are headed there later this month, and Whisky Joe has another golf trip planned! He's
headed to North Carolina in January with Trey, Dan, and Julien 

We wrapped up the show with the odd for this week's PGA Tour event in Mexico and gave some love to the brands who've been supporting us!

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