The Chasing Daylight Podcast

E38: Former UNLV Golfer James Feutz

April 7, 2020

No. 38: Interview Series: Season 2 Episode 18A good friend and former UNLV Golfer James Feutz (pronounced FIGHTS) sat down with me and we chatted pf all things, golf. James has a great story and anyone who's considering play…

Guest: James Feutz
Ranking Vegas

E37: Vegas Golf Courses Rankings Part 4 - #15 thru #1

March 26, 2020

No. 37: Special Series: Season 2 Episode 17 Well, here it is. The final episode in the series of Ranking Las Vegas Golf Courses. This episode wraps it up from Number 15 to Number 1. Here are the rankings: #15 Golf Club at So…


E36: Rohrs from Strokes Gained Customs

March 21, 2020

No. 36: Season 2 Episode 16 It's a crazy world and we're just all living in it, why not talk some golf. With the COVID 19 Craze in full swing, there are many aspects of the golf world that are getting turned upside down. Nea…

Ranking Vegas

E35: The Vegas Golf Courses Rankings Part 3 - #24 thru #16

March 19, 2020

No. 35: Special Series: Season 2 Episode 15 Part 3 is here and we jump right in where we left off in the last episode with the rest of our take on Las Vegas National. Joe and I continue our series, where we are ranking the t…


E34: Lindsay Burkhart from UST Mamiya

March 16, 2020

No. 34: Interview Series: Season 2 Episode 14I've been with the Ambassador program with UST Mamiya for over a year now, and like I say in this interview, MAN, I'm impressed with the results I'm seeing. Lindsay, who is the So…

Ranking Vegas

E33: Vegas Golf Courses Rankings Part 2 - #37 thru #24

March 11, 2020

No. 33: Special Series: Season 2 Episode 13 First off I want to say we fixed the audio issues from the first episode. Hopefully, the poor sound hasn't detoured you from tuning in to part two of this series where we rank the …


E32: Jon Cantrell from Take Pride Golf Supply

March 9, 2020

No. 32: Interview Series: Season 2 Episode 12You've probably seen the Instagram posts and maybe your curious about who's behind the business. In this episode, Jon Cantrall, the owner of Take Pride Golf Supply joins Matt for …

Ranking Vegas

E31: Vegas Golf Courses Rankings: Part 1 - #53 thru #38

March 5, 2020

No. 31: Special Series: Season 2 Episode 11About 6-8 months ago, I noticed a considerable uptick in visits to my Vegas Golf Ranking page on the website. Ever since then, it's been by far the most popular page on The Breakfas…


E30: Josh Haywood from Haywood Golf

March 2, 2020

No. 30: Interview Series: Season 2 Episode 10In this episode, the man behind the Haywood golf brand, Josh Haywood, joins us for some casual conversation about his company and what they are doing differently than the others i…


E29: Jordan Bloxham Master Club Fitter

Feb. 18, 2020

No. 29: Interview Series: Season 2 Episode 9We love it when our friends from Utah venture south and visit us. Not only did we get to spend a beautiful Vegas February day out at Paiute with Jordan Bloxham, but he was also kin…

E28: The Legends Never Dye Event is coming!

Feb. 16, 2020

No. 28: Season 2 Episode 8 Have you registered yet? The Legends Never Dye Event is coming to the Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort on July 11th, 2020. In this episode, I breakdown what will be taking place out at the course and w…

E27: Matt's swing changes with guest Stephen Noland

Feb. 9, 2020

No. 27: Season 2 Episode 7 Swing changes are a bitch. There's no bigger truth than that! Personally, I've gone through too many and I swore after the last time I started from scratch I was done with them. Then I met Stephen.…

E26: Yohan Seo, joins us for some golf talk before we tee'd it up at the Las Vegas Country Club

Feb. 4, 2020

No. 26: Season 2 Episode 6 It's one of the best things I've enjoyed about this podcast, meeting new people. Ryan and Yohan have been friends for a while, and Yo made a trip out West for some PGA Tour action and some Vegas go…


E25: Tim Markison from Athalonz Shoes

Jan. 20, 2020

No. 25: Interview Series: Season 2 Episode 5 What a fun episode this was to record. I was joined by the CEO and Founder, Tim Markison, along with his Director of Operations, Jerimiah Johnston, to talk shoes. More importantl…

E24: A quick episode about the changes we've made to the show.

Jan. 16, 2020

No. 24: Season 2 Episode 4 You have to go through some changes to grow, and that is what we are doing. Two significant changes have taken place over the last 48hrs, and I just wanted to bring everyone up to date on what is g…

E23: Golf Chat from the Mercedes-Benz Studio

Jan. 15, 2020

No. 23: Season 2 Episode 3 We're testing out some new features for the podcast. We've moved the hosting over to Anchor, and with a lot more accessibility to produce some content, we hope to have more episodes produced and at…

E22: Part two with Bryan LaRoache

Jan. 14, 2020

No. 22: Season 2 Episode 2 Like the title says, the conversation with Bryan , Me , Ryan , Julien , David , and Joe continues. I can't thank Bryan enough for joining us. It's awesome to get together with people who are incred…

E21: Bryan LaRoache, from @BryanGolf

Jan. 14, 2020

No 21: Season 2 Episode 1: We were graced with the presence of the wildly entertaining BryanGolf aka Bryan LaRoche. Bryan was in town to preview Reflection Bay for the upcoming Steez & Teez event; Battle at the Bay. Bryan wa…