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Bandon Dunes Wrap up Show!

June 29, 2022

Episode 169 Oh, you thought we were done with Bandon, hahaha, the jokes on you! That's right, even more, Bandon Dunes content this week. But we promise this is it for a while. There's a ton of golf going on worldwide, and we…

Live from the Lily Pond. Matt and Joe talk Bandon the night before the Solstice Event

June 24, 2022

E167 Twas the night before Solstice, and all through the house... Well, the Lily Pond condo, to be more exact. Matt and Joe discuss their first few days on the property in this special release as they prepare for the 2022 So…

Special Guest Episode; Rohrs live from the US Open

June 22, 2022

E166 With Joe and Matt out of town and the three of us (Jeremy included in this) not completing our Vegas Rankings Spreadsheets yet, we needed some content for this week. Thankfully our good friend Neal "Rohrs" Rhorbach was …

2022 US Open Preview Show with Guest Trey Sanders

June 15, 2022

E165 We're back bitches, and another Major is upon us! It's been a while since we've all been together to record a weekly episode. We had A LOT to catch up on, and that's what the first half of this episode is about. We cove…


June 10, 2022

Episode 165 What a wild day in the world of golf. Yesterday, June 9th, 2022, will arguably go down in history for the game, but what side of history will the LIV GOLF Tour end up on is the question! I threw up the CDP Bat Si…

Bandon Dunes Preview Part 2

June 8, 2022

Episode 164 Part 2 of our preview of the Bandon Solstice. We were hoping Scott Dunlop, who is a caddy out at Bandon, was going to join us, but he caught a late bag and made a second loop. So it was just Joe and I talking abo…

Bandon Dunes Preview Part 1

June 1, 2022

Episode 163 Matt and Joe are headed to Bandon in just under a month! This will be Joe's first time stepping on the property and Matt's 4th. Needless to say, Joe has a ton of questions because this isn't your typical Bandon D…

Matt's burnt out! PGA Wrap up and the LPGA is in Vegas!

May 25, 2022

Episode 162 WHAT HAPPENED IN GOLF THIS PAST WEEK AND WHERE WE PLAYED Rounds out at Las Vegas Country Club, Coyote Springs and Paiute has Matt on the verge of a breakdown, from too much golf!! [GASP] Of all people, the great …

Our 2022 PGA Championship Preview Show that doesn't involve the PGA Championship.

May 18, 2022

E161: Sometimes, you have to gather the crew and just ramble on about golf. This week's episode was supposed to be our 2022 PGA Championship Preview Show, and while we did cover a little bit of it, we got somewhat sidetracke…

Torrey Pines Trip Recap, plus our usual talk

May 11, 2022

Episode 160 WHAT HAPPENED IN GOLF THIS PAST WEEK AND WHERE WE PLAYED We covered some of the news items but the biggest aspect of this show is our trip down to San Diego to play Torrey Pines. WHAT IS HAPPENING IN GOLF THIS WE…

PGA Tour in Mexico, DragonRidge and Paiute Talk, Torrey here we come!

May 4, 2022

Episode 159 WHAT HAPPENED IN GOLF THIS PAST WEEK AND WHERE WE PLAYED We got in some golf this past week as per usual. Matt along with Trey tee'd it up out at DragonRidge CC . And, Joe and Jeremy did some time in the wind out…


BIA Clothing Founder Merlin John in Studio

April 29, 2022

E158 We love finding new clothing brands, and when we see them originating from the Vegas "area," we get even more excited! Merlin John comes from the small tourist trap golf town of Mesquite, NV. It's a short drive, maybe a…

Guest: Merlin John
The Weekly Walk

VGN Champ Bob West in Studio, A lot of Greg Norman talk, We decide the best Golf Movies and our locks for Mexico

April 27, 2022

Episode 157 WHAT HAPPENED IN GOLF THIS PAST WEEK AND WHERE WE PLAYED The VGN Held its first MAJOR of the season out at Chimera Golf Club, and the GROSS winner and show sponsor, Mr. Bob West, joined us for this week's show to…

The Weekly Walk

Spieth puts on another jacket, VGN Major preview, How quick are you to judge another golfer?

April 20, 2022

Episode 156 WHAT HAPPENED IN GOLF THIS PAST WEEK AND WHERE WE PLAYED Spieth winning took the headlines, but a story everyone should be aware of is the one involving Morgan Hoffmann. Local Knowledge did a fantastic episode on…

The Weekly Walk

Scottie "Schef" Scheffler is the man, Masters recap, Look at this IG is back and our picks for the RBC Heritage

April 13, 2022

Episode 155 WHAT HAPPENED IN GOLF THIS PAST WEEK AND WHERE WE PLAYED Yeah, we played a little golf, but this was all about the rise of Scottie Scheffler and the amazing run he is on! CHASING ACES SHOT OF THE WEEK Gotta give …

Major Preview

The Masters Preview Show: Dude Perfect, Tiger Woods, The Kentucky Waterfall and Trey in Studio!

April 6, 2022

Episode 154 It's our annual Masters Preview Show! Trey joins us in the studio for our first major preview of 2022. CHASING ACES SHOT OF THE WEEK There was an ACE at The Chevron Championship by LPGA veteran Chella Choi on the…

Guest: Trey Sanders
The Weekly Walk

April is Coming, Match Play Wrap Up, Golf at Revere, Tiger Buzz is off the charts, LPGA Major and more

March 30, 2022

Episode 153 WHAT HAPPENED IN GOLF THIS PAST WEEK AND WHERE WE PLAYED The crew got in a round out at Revere Golf Club with one of our show sponsors, Bob West. The Concord course has been taking some heat lately because is dor…

The Weekly Walk

A Victory at SoHi, Beating Derek Carr, Wildhorse Tourney, Dan in Studio, Dell Match Play, VGN Interviews! So much going on!

March 23, 2022

Episode 152 WHAT HAPPENED IN GOLF THIS PAST WEEK AND WHERE WE PLAYED So much took place this last week. The four of us played in a tournament at Southern Highlands that was hosted by the Las Vegas Raiders Quarterback Derek C…

The Weekly Walk

Players wrap up, We're headed to SoHi, VGN Chat and we hate on Brandel for wanting to change the 17th.

March 16, 2022

Episode 151 WHAT HAPPENED IN GOLF THIS PAST WEEK AND WHERE WE PLAYED The Players was amazing and we talked a lot about it this week. Joe got out to Coyote Springs , Jeremey was back out at Paiute and Matt made his way around…

Major Preview

Trey, back in Studio, and we're talking The Players

March 9, 2022

Episode 150!!!! WHAT HAPPENED IN GOLF THIS PAST WEEK AND WHERE WE PLAYED The entire cast got their asses handed to them from mother nature as a brutal few days of wind made golf here in Vegas an actual test for our love of t…

Guest: Trey Sanders

LPGA Professional Dana Finkelstein

March 4, 2022

E149 I've wanted this interview on the podcast for so long. I was lucky to play a round with Dana out at Revere Golf club a few years back, and man, was she impressive. She had never seen the course before, didn't blink at p…

The Weekly Walk

Phil Fallout continues, Zach, Rickie, & Sepp, MyGolfSpy Whoopsie and more.

March 2, 2022

Episode 148 WHAT HAPPENED IN GOLF THIS PAST WEEK AND WHERE WE PLAYED A few of the guys got in some golf at Pauite. Matt continues his grind with fixing his early release issues. The Phil fallout continues as more brands dist…

The Weekly Walk

Florida Swing here we come, VGN Event winners, Shaft Talk and More

Feb. 23, 2022

Episode 147 WHAT HAPPENED IN GOLF THIS PAST WEEK AND WHERE WE PLAYED We held the first VGN event of the season out at Las Vegas National and we're lucky to have BOTH of them on this weeks show! WHAT IS HAPPENING IN GOLF THIS…

The Weekly Walk

Ace's Fly at the WM, Beer does too, VGN vs TSG Recap, Bryson in the news yet again and LA Hosts the PGA this week!

Feb. 16, 2022

Episode 146 WHAT HAPPENED IN GOLF THIS PAST WEEK AND WHERE WE PLAYED Was an eventful but demoralizing day out at Angel Park with the VGN Fam. We took on the TSG from San Diego and came up one match shy of a tie. Looks like w…