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Vegas vibes and golf

For anyone interested in a relaxed, but entertaining golf podcast with Vegas ties this is great. As someone who went to high school in Las Vegas, Bonanza, I really enjoy the Las Vegas golf scene discussion. Angel Park was just built before I left and my how the golf scene has changed in these 30 years. Love Paiute, Cascata and Coyote Springs. These guys have it all, tour and tech talk, course reviews including an annual best of Las Vegas golf course show, Instagram reviews, beer reviews, interviews with industry specialist, travel reviews across the nation. I would like an UNLV segment for both the men’s and women’s team and maybe a junior special in Las Vegas. I walked the fairways with a few UNLV players at a couple US Amateurs which was fun say Go Rebels after a good shot. Great show, keep up the good work.

Looking forward to the Bandon Dunes trip summary, please go into the details of the logistics, transportation from one course to another, meals during the event, and the other rounds you play.
Heading out to Vegas in a few weeks. Paiute and Coyote Springs on the menu.
Thanks and keep up the great job.

June 15, 2022 by MI2VegasGolf on Apple Podcasts

The Chasing Daylight Podcast