The Chasing Daylight Podcast
Sept. 22, 2021

122: The CDP 2021 Ryder Cup Preview Show

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Episode 122

It's been too long! What should have taken place in September of 2020 finally gets to happen! THE 2021 RYDER CUP IS HERE!

Trey Sanders, aka @trey29_golf, joined Joe, Jeremy, and myself for some much-needed Ryder Cup talk.

We covered a wide range of topics. From the Ryder Cup swag. Joe chimes in about why anyone would purchase a Ryder Cup Golf bag. The clothes, the merch, ball markers, headcovers, and more. 

We talked about the course, the teams, the formats, and some daunting holes like the 645 Yard Par 5 11th and the 520 Yard Pa4 4 18th, perfectly titled DYEABOLICAL!

Coverage starts this Friday with the morning Foursomes followed by the afternoon Fourball. 

It's been three LONG years since Team USA fell in France, and we're hoping Captain Steve Stricker and his team are ready to hoist the Cup!

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The Las Vegas Golf Superstore
The premier retail destination for golfers in the Las Vegas Valley!

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Trey Sanders


Golfer by day, golfer by night. Life squeezed in there from time to time.